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Yves Delongie

Why journy.io got founded

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Hans (left) and Yves (right)


Yves Delongie, born 1970, has been fortunate to being part of some amazing projects, hanging out with some impressive people and companies, leading international groups of marketeers, sales professionals, customer success experts, product managers and financial specialists. One ever-returning concern on management- and board-meetings has been to find out ‘which marketing/sales/CS efforts to invest in, to grow bottom-line revenues...not just visits or leads…‘.

This was the base to start building an automated solution to tackle that specific pain.


Hans Ott, born 1994, met Yves during an assignment to build out front- and back-end systems for Belgian green-energy marketplace ‘Bolt Energie’. His passion for technology and engineering—as for music!—combined with previous experiences at Engagor and Clarabridge, and an untameable hunger to building great lasting products, quickly revealed to be a great mix for cooperation.

Other 'compatible features' included:

  • The love for beautiful data structures and code.
  • A strong believe that deep learning algorithms can and will solve most of human's shortcomings.
  • Caring much about (cool) workplace ethics and environment. (Yes, we will one day have a corporate music studio with bar!).
  • No-nonsense straightforward ego-less attitude.
Hans (left) and Yves (right)

Understanding the problem.

When Yves and Hans first started brainstorming about the problem to solve, they took a particular angle: the one of the customer. Indeed, for any company to get an answer on where to invest next, it foremost needs to genuinely understand its customer behaviour and how its processes influence interaction. Which of course also benefits the customer, as receiving wanted information at the right time drastically lowers sales irritation.

"Well, what about my CRM, ...or Google Analytics...or...?"
Sure, lots of unmeasured manual operational processes have progressed over the past decade into system-monitored semi-automated measured processes, thereby improving effectiveness and ROI. Think CRMs indeed. Think Marketing Automation. Think Helpdesk ticketing platforms. All which are pretty much common tools nowadays and which—each in their own siloed domain—reveal some information about their siloed interaction with the customer.

Yet, it remains extremely hard to get a simple answer on that simple question "where to invest next to grow my business?", as companies do not have a true 360-holistic view on customer behaviour. And actions in marketing might benefit marketing...but might NOT down the funnel be beneficial for sales. Or (inter)actions in sales might help close deals...but also attract those customers that churn after 2-3 months!

Default tools reveal—each in their own siloed domain—some information about their own siloed interaction with the customer.

And then you have these [very to very-very] expensive systems that combine marketing, sales and customer success applications, but which then lacks deep learning capabilities to make sense of the data. This helps (when you have the budgetary means) yet does not cover the whole picture.

Certain actions in sales might help close deals...but also attract those customers that churn after 2-3 months!

This thought process eventually led towards journy.io's mission statement:
"To build an affordable behaviour-based 360-holistic customer intelligence platform that will allow companies to get a broad understanding on how people find and buy—or don't buy—their goods, to uncover which events, channels and campaigns drive conversions all along the funnel from first touch till churn, and to provide budgetary simulations and actionable insights on how to improve bottom-line business results."

Hans and Yves co-founded journy.io during summer 2019.

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