written by
Yves Delongie

Make advanced marketing automations based on app onboarding data and events

Use Cases 1 min read

When you’re running marketing automations through drip emails and messages, you want foremost to make sure you’re covering items that are specifically unknown to specific customers. E.g. You want to send information about creating an invoice, specifically to those customers that didn’t create an invoice yet during trial.


By making marketing automations more personal, converting rates go up. Yet, to get app data into your automation tool of choice, it’s often easier said than done. Not all tools have state-of-the-art APIs, and switching between tools take time. journy.io offer an easy way to share app data once, and further sharing with external tools is just a matter of mapping fields.

How to set it up

Start with creating a free account at journy.io if not already done so. You’ll get quickly to your website snippet during onboarding. If you have an account, here’s the different steps.

  • Go to settings -> Business Settings -> Sources.
  • Create a new API key for your app, and give it a name and property group.
  • Authenticate to journy.io with given API key.
  • Start sharing data with APIs.
  • Connect to your existing marketing automation, mailing tool and others; and authenticate.
  • Map select customer properties provided by earlier API calls to custom fields from your connected marketing automation.
  • You’re done! All will be sync’ed when data comes in.

While the setup is running, there’s literally nothing to maintain. You app data will appear in the apps you sync’ed, showing the properties you’ve allowed to be sync’ed.