written by
Yves Delongie

Organise your sales team by lead profile, derived from ad, web & blog interactions

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A great sales team holds people with diverse backgrounds and strengths, even if it’s yet only a 3-man band. One person will be better to sell feature X than others being specialist in feature Y. So why not make optimal use of these strengths by assigning the most receptacle lead to the most knowledgeable sales person (for that lead)? With journy.io, every lead can be profiled by the ads that were most relevant to him/her to submit a contact form or start a trial.


By linking lead primary interest to seller’s most-relevant knowledge, assuring the best possible woman/man on the best lead, sales go up. Till now, sales people were correctly thought that each conversation had to begin with a lead qualification survey. While there’s absolutely still merit in asking relevant questions about budgets and authority to buy etc... you now know which interests your lead have, visible in your CRM and Customer Success Tool...even before ever picking up the phone.

How to set it up

Start with creating a free account at journy.io if not already done so. You’ll get quickly to your website snippet during onboarding. If you have an account, here’s the different steps.

  • Go to settings -> Business Settings -> Sources.
  • Add your website and set your CNAME for the domain.
  • Add the snippet to all your website pages. (Comparable to Google Analytics)
  • Go to settings -> Business Settings -> Destinations.
  • Connect to your existing CRM or Customer Success tool, and authenticate.
  • Map customer properties ‘Most_relevant_ad_group’ to custom fields from your connected CRM/CS. (P.S. There are over 50 properties to choose from, related to ads, campaigns and profiles.)
  • You’re done! All will be sync’ed when data comes in.

While the setup is running, there’s very little to maintain. New ads will be automatically detected, and you can add new ads to existing or new groups. (See 2 pictures below)

These groups represent ad profiles.