written by
Yves Delongie

Show the ad and channel your lead first responded on, in your CRM and ERP

Use Cases 1 min read

When you’re into sales needing to call a lead, it gets sometimes frustrating not knowing enough about the background of that lead. Add the ad title, ad campaign and ad profile to your CRM. At hand when making that more personal call.


By making customer calls more personal, your closing rate goes up. By monitoring how a lead navigates from an ad, towards web pages, towards submitting a contact form and finally buying into your products and services, you can profile leads by their ad context.

Whether your business finds it important to look at first, most frequent, most relevant or simply last interacted ads, we’ve got you covered with all possible data, to be sync’ed to the tools you like and use. It’s like mapping the fields between 2 apps.

How to set it up

Start with creating a free account at journy.io if not already done so. You’ll get quickly to your website snippet during onboarding. If you have an account, here’s the different steps.

  • Go to settings -> Business Settings -> Sources.
  • Add your website and set your CNAME for the domain.
  • Add the snippet to all your website pages. (Comparable to Google Analytics)
  • Go to settings -> Business Settings -> Destinations.
  • Connect to your existing CRM, and authenticate.
  • Map wanted customer properties to custom fields from your connected CRM. There are over 50 properties to choose from, related to ads, campaigns and profiles.
  • You’re done!

While the setup is running, you may need to name and profile new detected ads, campaigns, and channels from time to time. This is all done in journy.io UI and you don’t need to change anything to the setup.