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Yves Delongie

Expert IT security distributor MTrix GmbH teams up with journy.io for lead pre-qualification and sales personalisation.

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Industrie: B2B traditional, Expert IT Security Distribution
350+ Customers and Resellers
Teams using journy.io:
* Marketing (Leadgen Scoring, Personas)
* Sales (Buying Signals, Buying Personas)


Founded in 2006, MTRIX is one of the leading experts in professional authentication solutions, for the DACH (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) area.

Having carefully and synergistically coordinated a best-of-breed product portfolio, Mtrix today offers cross-manufacturer solutions, tailored to IT infrastructure from a wide spectrum of very different concepts, ideas and requirements.

MTrix' services range from advisory services to the planning of a proof-of-concept, support during implementation and various opportunities for cooperation. They also typically remain a long-term companion for maintenance and support services for their clients.

The rapidly growing demand for authentication solutions has been industry-independent and therefore has grown MTrix' customer base, to now include SMEs, public administration, banks, clinics, automotive suppliers, insurance companies, educational institutions, system houses and system integrators, and much more. to a wide range of customers.

“With new marketing programs in place, we started seeing a substantial increase in leads.” proudly said Malte Kahrs, owner and CEO of Mtrix GmbH, after showing growth results. “We’ve kept on honouring our main policy in helping out all of our leads, customers and partners, by always calling them back ASAP and taking the time to understand the problem and talking things through. This has proven to be key to our business. Yet, with that much influx of new leads, we needed to find a solution that was financially viable. A solution that didn’t require an as substantial amount of new hires. We find that in journy.io”

Malte Kahrs, Owner, Chairman and CEO MTrix GmbH

Goals and challenges.

"When Mtrix was launched in 2006, successful campaigns were those generating mouth-to-mouth noise about a great product."Kahrs goes on to explain. "This quickly changed when cheap drop-shipping was introduced in e-commerce. Suddenly the whole world, from Cape Town to New York, was asking for security products. Most, truth be told, not really in the line of our intergrated concept approach...but still leads. Leads that had to be answered although they wouldn't necessarily bring in more revenue.

And there's when we asked journy.io to help us. "

Expert IT Security Distributor MTrix GmbH integrates journy.io to analyse marketing ROI, and to gather lead qualification scores, health, buying personas and -signals, to improve conversion and sales.

journy.io provided.

journy.io first analysed real leads and buying customers, so to find out which marketing, sales and CS elements contributed to successful journeys. Based on that data, segment rules and signals were created that could be send to Salesforce, to indicate how real leads were, or how likely they were to buy.

"Marketing and sales people started using these journy fields into their own workflows, and we didn't have any complaint from them since." Kahrs concludes.

Today, MTrix employees see journy.io as their ultimate customer source-of-truth. Everything there is to know about the lead, the customer, or the group of likewise contacts, you'll find it in journy.io.


With the introduction of journy.io, workflows and efficiency have drastically improved, as have bottom-line business results. Marketers, sales and customer success teams now have better customer insights and intelligence at hand, that helps them create more-personal experiences that their customers love. They achieve their KPIs and goals way faster; some with about half the effort previously needed. Also human errors are quickly detected by which no important lead or customer interaction goes unnoticed.

Or as Herr Kahrs summarises: “journy.io is our go-to-tool, when it comes to knowing something —anything— about customers!".