written by
Yves Delongie

Put your money where your customers are

Customer Intelligence 1 min read

Where to start?

As a marketer, you need to plan and execute your marketing campaigns to reach your target goals. But with so many channels and choices, it may be hard to know where to start. You need to know what's working, what to change, when to change it and by how much, so you can reach the greatest return for your budget and for your business.

journy.io's multi-touch attribution modelling enables marketing teams to uncover the inner workings and results of their hard work and use this intelligence to create game-changing marketing strategies.

Drive maximized conversion programmes.

CMO's, VP Sales and customer-facing executives who need to make strategic decisions on their marketing mix, can use journy.io to see high-level performance trends, how specific campaigns and channels are performing over a given period of time, and where to shift budget to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

Channel and analytics manager who need to optimize performance and justify media spend can drill down to see which publisher, placements, keywords and other tactics are driving the company's most important metrics.

Moreover, with smart segmentations you can have a better understanding which audiences you are reaching, and bottom-line find your most valuable audiences. By digging deeper into their customer journey patterns, you will identify the paths and channel mixes that have the biggest impact on conversions, retentions, lifetime value and other meaningful business results.

Simulate first, spend later.

Once you have a clear picture on past performance, you can start shifting budget to other channels and campaigns to better meet your specific goals moving forward. In a future version, we will introduce budgetary simulations which will allow you to evaluate various new channels and campaigns and get virtual results...before ever spending a dime!

Don't settle for antiquated and soloed measurement techniques that prevent you for proving the effectiveness of your marketing programmes bottom-line the funnel. Expose your best channels, campaigns and segments behind your best-performing marketing with the most affordable Customer Intelligence Platform available.

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