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Need a calculator to measure the impact of your marketing channels and campaigns?

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When budget is scarce and you are asked to cut costs, to focus on the real impact each channel and campaign brings to bottom-line revenues. With traditional analytic tools, simply measuring occurrences often means getting onto the good-old calculator and looking for utm parameter and referrers. Smarter people may start using calculator sheets —you know, the excels of this world— to ‘automate’ this... Google even created yet another couple of tools for this: Data Studio with potentially Flow.

With traditional analytic tools, simply measuring occurrences often means getting onto the good-old calculator...

All for...well... getting the amount of occurrences of a channel. 🙄And then you still need to calculate the (utm-)campaign occurrences... 😤

Becoze people do make campaign mistaks

Only those who don’t make, don’t make mistakes. When you’re a team of marketeers responsible for content —be it blog, mail, ads, webpages— you’re going to make mistakes in utm-codes. How often did you not mistakenly switch utm_source and utm_medium, or simply mistyped face_book vs faecbook vs facebook vs facbook?

Relying on bare utm codes and a variaty of different URL referrers for the same channel is prone to errors and should be processed automatically.

There are these well-hidden channel and campaign features

For those still working with Google Analytics, here’s a tip:
’Simply’ go to Settings -> Admin -> Account -> Properties -> View -> Channel Settings - > Channel grouping. You can start defining groups with logical variables and put some color to it... and name it e.g. Facebook. Of course you will have to repeat that process for each single channel and... humm?!?... no campaigns, only channels! So better not make any mistake with utm_campaigns!

The long way to finding channel grouping. Sorry, nothing of this sort for campaigns.

Customer Intelligence Platforms to the rescue!

Modern Customer Intelligence Platforms (CIP), such as journy.io, offer full channel, campaign and event management features that will allow you to measure impact in a breeze.

These typically feature:

  • utm parameter grouping, merging and splitting
  • referrer grouping, merging and splitting
  • category group
  • JavaScript tags (advanced)
  • API references (advanced)
  • attribution scores (advanced)
  • auto-discovery!
Setting up channels is easy!


New traffic with undefined utms are being considered as ‘Others’ throughout the platform, unless you add and define them. And for most used channels, this is done in just 1 simple click.

In most cases, adding channels and campaigns will take you 1 click!

But what if I still want to see details?

Oh rest assured, you’ll see details. You’ll actually see more details in 1 screen than what you previously had to search for...

If you want to try it out for yourself, click here!