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Yves Delongie

Marketing affiliation platform Filiatly achieves 17% more conversions with journy.io

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Industrie: B2B cloud platform
350+ Customers and Resellers
Teams using journy.io:
* All (Health, Stages, Segments, signals)
* Marketing (Leadgen Scoring, Lead Personas)
* Sales (Buying Signals)
* Customer Success (Feature Adoption Scores)


Filiatly is Madrid-based leading affiliation marketplace, where professional content creators, affiliate partners and influencers can meet and do business.

Jorge Urios is founder and CEO of Filiatly: “We started looking at conversion fairly early on and saw that we got lots of conversions that never activated. Simply because we didn't yet value our channels and campaigns in terms of bottom-line subscribers. journy.io brought change in that.”

Jorge Urios, Founder and CEO Filliatly

Goals and challenges.

"Our goal was and remain clear. We want to optimize marketing spending in terms of real return." Urios goes on to explain. "We need to understand how ideal stakeholders navigate throughout our app, and monitor key feature adoption. We want to understand the relationship between marketing attribution and segments of customers behaving in a certain way. If we know that, we know where to invest our marketing dollars."

journy.io provides us the necessary insights to finetune our marketing spending towards maximizing conversions.

journy.io provided.

journy.io first analysed real leads and buying customers, so to find out which marketing, sales and CS elements contributed to successful journeys. Based on that data, segment rules and signals were created that could be send to Salesforce, to indicate how real leads were, or how likely they were to buy.

"Our marketing people had no problem to adapt conversion campaigns to the new journy insights, quickly seeing improvement on ROI." Urios concludes.

Today, Filiatly employees see journy.io as their ultimate customer source-of-truth. Everything there is to know about the lead, the customer, or the group of likewise contacts, you'll find in journy.io.


With the introduction of journy.io, workflows and efficiency have drastically improved, as have bottom-line business results. Marketers, sales and customer success teams now have better customer insights and intelligence at hand, that helps them create more-personal experiences that their customers love. They achieve their KPIs and goals way faster; some with about half the effort previously needed. Also human errors are quickly detected by which no important lead or customer interaction goes unnoticed.

Or as Jorge Urios summarises: “journy.io is the magic that makes our campaigns so much more personal...and successful!".