written by
Yves Delongie

How to pro-actively offer customer support through enriched customer data

Customer Intelligence 2 min read

To run a customer support process optimally, you need to measure what each individual user and account is actually doing in your app, how the typical onboarding flow looks like, and what potentially drives accounts to churn. This will differ from business to business, and from user persona to persona. So, being able to learn these typical flows and react on them in your support ticketing tools becomes key to improving customer support.

The importance of knowing customer journey paths in customer success.

Most often, different customer persona’s may be following different onboarding flows, as some may deem one feature to be most important, while others will prefer another feature. As such, as persona’s differ, so will onboarding flows.

The better you understand the different persona’s, interests, onboarding paths, the more personal you can guide them through the onboarding process, and the more likely you will be able to convert them to loyal paying promoting customers.

Best practices in detecting churn.

As different paths can lead to successful conversions, so will other, different paths eventually lead to churn. The more accurate you know the different paths, and thus indirectly, the more path milestones there are —events triggered along the customer journey— the more accurate and better you’ll be able to forecast churn.

Another fine metric to detect churn is to be simply looking at frequencies of user login per account, compared with the median of all accounts, for the same reference period and segment account. If this metric decreases substantially, you might be facing with an upcoming churn.

How journy.io contributes to early help detection.

journy.io collects events, ad campaigns, channel information, devices, locations, timings and everything which is done throughout the customer lifecycle. More precisely, we collect every event with contextual data from every possible source, unify every sub-journeys from every device and browser to get a full timeline of everything every user from every account is doing.

So, if you want to measure what login frequencies, to later use this to detect which account potentially could face churn, journy.io would be your ideal tool. Even better actually, journy.io does the churn detection for you!

On top of that, our journey-comparing engine provides customer success teams both native app data, as well as contextual and behavioural intelligence derived from that data, so they can take appropriate actions, before a churn event will occur.

For more information about journy.io and how we can help you detect early chances of churn, even already during the onboarding phase, please visit our website, or book a meeting with us.