Get to know Head of Marketing Patrick Schumacher

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We are super happy to announce that Patrick Schumacher joined as Head of Marketing.

What attributes of your job excites you the most?

Marketing is an enormously diverse field. Whether lead gen, content marketing, product marketing, customer marketing or performance marketing. At Journy, I can fully incorporate and refine all the elements I've worked on in my 9-year career. Sure it is a big challenge to implement all parts of a campaign, but with this super team it is easy for me to make things happen.

What is your role?

To position the brand and the product holistically in various European markets, addressing the largest possible group of buyers and encouraging them to use our platform in the long term.

What excites you about

The foundation of the platform speaks for itself. The various application examples and possible uses of the Customer Intelligence Platform are outstanding. Analyzing and interpreting use cases with the team in the shortest possible time, writing an ambitious product roadmap and then integrating it into the existing product is very exciting.

What are your three favorite foods?

#1 Roebuck Back fillet

It is simply the best meat in the world.

#2 Ribs

Whether in the smoker at low temperature or hot and fast. Whether asian style or classic BBQ taste. Ribs are enormously versatile and delicious.

#3 Schnitzel

Nothing to add here #fingerlickinggood

What is your fun fact?

I was pretty successfull at flat water conoeing. I succesfully assembled and repaired a broken vhf transmiter at the age of 7.