Feature Friday: Health Scoring

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As in our previous Blogpost The Customer Health Score and how to use it effectively noted:

“As soon as the amount of customers grows, it becomes an almost impossible task to take care of your customers individually and manage them to a satisfactory level. You simply cannot catch every important buying or churning signal.

This is the crucial point at which it’s imperative to automatically start collecting customer health score and make sure you’re taking every opportunity to understand what makes them tick.”

Well you will be able to understand now what drives them, you will be able to detect churning signals, cluster them in segments and detect health scores within your customer lifecycle stages.

We are super proud to announce:

“Health & Engagement Scoring”

You will be able to detect and measure health metrics at each lifecycle stage and get notified when ever something is going into the wrong direction. Because as we all know, keeping customer happy is a lot cheaper then acquiring new customer.

In your workspace at journy.io you will be able to use the health & engagement scoring right away. It is available in all paid plans.

A nice functionality is that you are able to see each health stage in the contact profile. This enables you to combine historical data of their journy and their product usage or their interactions with your touchpoints.

Analysing those 360 customer profiles will give you clear subjective view on common traits. It’s a great starting point at which to begin your customer monitoring process.

We do calculate the health score now for you. To ensure that you unlock the full potential of interactional and behavioral data in order to design and improve your customer health strategy. Or any retention programs you might want to do.

Health Score Overview in Contacts

We combined the most important metrics for your business decisions making while focusing on customer retention programs. For each Health Score tile you will be able to identify the number of accounts that are in good, normal or bad health. Additionally you will be able to see at first glimpse the amount of MRR at risk in your desired currency.

This spectacular clean overview is also available in our stages section, above the Health Scores.

Stages and Health Scores

For each stage you will have a sectional donut chart that unveils the health scores for this dedicated stage. Based on predefined rules and conditions it is now possible to identify for example which New Users are interacting with your touchpoints and platform in a healthy way so you will be able to focus your closing efforts on those contacts and accounts that are most likely to buy.

In our new navigation and filter bar we integrated our Segments. Segments are rule and condition based groups of contacts. Segments can be defined by any property that is stored in journy.
In order to export these segments it is necessary to have your destination added here. A list of connections can be found here.

Navigation Bar and Segments

We are super happy to present this highly beneficial feature of our core product the customer intelligence platform. Have fun testing it.