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Yves Delongie

Cloud provider Aspex uses journy.io to qualify and classify incoming leads, to priorize sales efforts and identify buying signals and upsell moments, while fighting churn

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Founded in 2002, Aspex has been active as a pure hosting provider for the first 14 years, at that time of inception, only in Private Cloud. Today, 5 years later, the hosting provider of the past has evolved into an Azure Cloud authority, on-premise Exchange has been replaced by Microsoft 365, and where application delivery is still needed, Citrix gets replaced with Azure Virtual Desktop.

The company’s philosophy still remains that each customer is unique, and each solution must be adapted to the customer’s unique needs. It still considers every new customer as an opportunity to learn and determine the technology that is best used to meet the customer’s unique challenges.

“Flexibility is central.” reflects Maarten Bovée, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We want our customers and their customers to love the seamless experience of using their day-to-day productivity tools, without the hassle of needing to think how to access them.”

Maarten Bovée, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Aspex

Goals and challenges.

With more than 100,000 unique users per day, Aspex prouds itself of being the largest governmental Microsoft cloud provider in the BeNeLux. Customers access Aspex’ website and microservices on a daily basis to log into their office- and collaboration tools, to get support, to download user guides and application notes, as to also request consultancy services.

When asking for their challenges, Maarten explains: “With so much users on our platform, it is practically impossible to have a clear view on what drives users to discover us, to differentiate real leads from occasional users, and to understand which resources brought these leads to identify a potential solution to [one of] their problems. So, we ended up needing to call lists and lists of uninterested people, which costed us major chunks out of our marketing and sales budgets. We tried setting things up with Google Analytics but that eventually didn’t give us any further insights (in terms of customer journey triggers). And then, of course, even if we had seen results from Google Analytics, we still needed to get those insights in the tools we are using, so we could match existing workflow steps to actionable customer data.”

journy.io to the rescue.

With a clear need in having more customer insights, collected and analysed from website and platform, pushed into Teamleader CRM, journy.io was initially used to merely sync native customer form submission data. Yet, Aspex quickly understood that the customer behaviour they saw —that is, interactions with channels, campaigns, pages, and events; and their timings, combined with the native form submission data itself— formed a pattern that could be translated into additional customer intelligence. And indeed, by creating simple rules in journy.io, they could start qualifying and classifying leads, identify buying signals, upsell moments and churn risk, and eventually even profile their leads and customers.

And since all possible created intelligence is stored as ‘properties’ in journy.io’s customer profiles, available to be mapped against Teamleader custom fields, they could easily sync that intelligence to their CRM.

Today, people at Aspex don’t think too much anymore about their leads and customers. They simply open their call segments in Teamleader CRM —built on journy.io’s intelligence— and know they’ll be having meaningful conversations about personal issues that matter for each specific individual. And all this, at scale.


With the introduction of journy.io, workflows and efficiency have drastically improved, as have bottom-line business results. Marketers, sales and customer success teams now have better customer insights and intelligence as hand, that helps them create more-personal experiences that their customers love. They achieve their KPIs and goals way faster; some with about half the effort previously needed. Also human errors are quickly detected by which no important lead or customer interaction goes unnoticed.

Or as Maarten concludes: “journy.io helps us make more sense of how leads and customers behave, with better actionable data for every team”.