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Yves Delongie

Are you reaching your most qualified leads?

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As audiences fragment across devices and social platforms, marketers are under increasing pressure to efficiently reach their best most-responsive customers and prove their operational spends on business metrics. And they need these results as quickly as possible to quantify the impact of these investment, bottomline the funnel, at sales time. journy.io provides a direct connection between the campaigns consumers are exposed to and the sales value they represents; as well as a clear understanding on the if, how and what they buy. This way, you can plan, activate and measure advertising effectiveness based on actual sales, not just visits or engagements...

Understand what’s working (and what’s not)

The journy.io Customer Attribution Platform calculates the true impact that each and every touchpoint in the consumer journey has on your marketing, sales and customer success performance. It takes all your paid, owned and earned marketing data with your offline interactions and analyse this every single day. The resulting insights it produces enable you to readily identify opportunities for inter- and intra-channel optimisation — and avoid the costly mistakes that come from antiquated measurement techniques.

Only customer-centric platforms featuring multi-touch attribution delivers the means to measure performance.

Multi-touch attribution delivers the means to measure performance.

​journy.io's Multi-Touch Attribution analyzes the entire touchpoints history across channels and campaigns, publishers, keywords, creatives, etc... for each customer journey who is exposed to your marketing and sales. It uses a machine learning approach to find patterns in 'winning' touchpoints (touchpoints from a journey that ended in the customer buying) and provides quantitative impact that each touchpoint has on each of your success metrics.

It even calculates local costs with local revenue attributions per touchpoint in order to not only uncover the cross channel, cross campaign and cross tactic impact of the media you buy, but also mirror all the KPIs you already use with an unparalleled degree of accuracy. Now you can truly optimize your marketing and advertising in the context of key buying persona's.